Australasian trials concerned with obesity prevention in childhood and adolescence

Members of the Prevention Stream are currently involved in a number of diverse prevention interventions throughout Australia and New Zealand. Specific details of these studies are provided below. Studies listed are:

  1. Based in Australia and/or New Zealand
  2. Target children or adolescents
  3. Focus on the prevention of overweight or obesity
  4. Are currently underway or recently completed (as of July 2012)
  5. Approved by a university, hospital or area health service ethics committee
  6. Include at least a 6-month follow-up

Overview covers project name, contact person, sample characteristics, intervention components, publications, additional information.
More information covers sample characteristics and additional intervention components.

Studies have been divided into the following age brackets:

  1. Prevention interventions for 0-5 year olds (overview or more information)
  2. Prevention interventions for 6-12 year olds (overview or more information)
  3. Prevention interventions for 13-18 year olds (overview or more information)

As a generalization, prevention interventions for 0-5 year olds are those implemented prior to formal schooling, prevention interventions for 6-12 year olds are those targeting primary-school aged children. Interventions targeting adolescents aged 13-18 years are generally implemented in secondary schools.