Dietary intake assessment - Diet checklist

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Population of Interest (P=Parent, R=Researcher, C=Child)

  • Age: <1 yr (P); 1-10 yrs (P); 3-5 yrs (P); 10-12 yrs (P and/or C); 12 yrs+ (C)
  • Setting: Clinical; Home; Community; Population
  • Administration Method: Self Report; Face to Face (?); CATI (?)


This method can offer a brief tool which is often quick to administer and provides less detailed information than other assessment methods. It can capture information on whole diet or can be nutrient specific.


Often associated with an over reporting bias for both energy and nutrients.

When to use

Useful to compare differences at the group intake level or change over time.


Very low participant burden as tools used are often short in forma and quick to complete.

Considerations (miscellaneous)

Participants need to have literacy and numeracy skills to complete, however this is dependent on specific tool chosen.

The food list needs to be specific and appropriate for the population in which it is to be used.


  • Quick to administer
  • Can be self completed, posted or put on a website
  • Questionnaire can be pre-coded to aid in data entry and analysis.