Management of child and adolescent obesity

image scale with apple and tape

The ACAORN management stream has a particular interest in developing research methods that would allow some important child and adolescent weight management research questions to be answered. These include:

  1. What are the elements of a simple, effective and low cost weight management program for children and adolescents?
  2. What is the minimum intervention required for effective weight management program for children and adolescents?
  3. How do we define effective weight management?
  4. What are the primary and secondary outcome measures that can be used to define this success?
  5. What is the optimal dietary prescription the various components of lifestyle change for weight management in children and adolescents?
  6. What is optimal frequency of management attendance and optimal length of management attendance in childhood and adolescent obesity?
  7. What is the effect of weight management on obesity co-morbidities?
  8. What is the role of very low energy diets, pharmacotherapy and bariatric surgery in childhood and adolescent obesity?

Focus has been on Australia and NZ trials but international collaborations are also promoted.

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