Childhood obesity streams at a glance

ACAORN's six active childhood obesity streams:

  • Facilitate collaborations that increase high quality research in regards to child and adolescent obesity
  • Provide opportunities for post-graduate and post-doctoral education and training in paediatric obesity research
  • Develop online resources, list projects and publications that will benefit fellow researchers and other public health professionals
  • Management of paediatric obesity - small image

    Management of paediatric obesity

    Has a particular interest in developing research methods that would allow some important child and adolescent weight management research questions to be answered.

  • Prevention of obesity - small image

    Prevention of obesity

    Conducts research involving children and adolescents in a range of settings including child health, pre-schools, schools, after school and primary health care, and aims to promote evidence that can be used to inform large scale interventions.

  • Outcomes and complications - small image

    Outcomes and complications

    Investigates how obesity will affect the physical and psychological well-being of children in coming decades and the effects childhood obesity will have on life expectancy, the national economy, and our society.

  • Food and nutrition - small image

    Food and nutrition

    Aims to improve the quality of dietary methodologies and the reporting of dietary intake within research studies in infants, children and adolescents in Australia and Internationally.

  • Physical activity and sedentary behaviour - small image

    Physical activity and sedentary behaviour

    Comprises experienced and emerging researchers with a shared interest in many aspects of physical activity and sedentary behaviours among young people such as measurement issues, determinants, epidemiology and interventions.

  • Parenting, Child Behaviour and Wellbeing - small image

    Parenting, Child Behaviour and Wellbeing

    A diverse group of clinical and public health researchers who have a strong commitment to the consideration and application of contemporary parenting, child and adolescent behaviour and wellbeing constructs in research and clinical practice relating to child and adolescent obesity.