ACAORN members

The members of ACAORN have significant track records in obesity, nutrition or physical activity research. The table below shows the members of ACAORN, and their research group.

Member Organisation
Prof Steven Allender Deakin University
A/Prof Margaret Allman-Farinelli University of Sydney
Dr Lisa Barnett Deakin University
Professor Jennifer Batch Queensland Health
Prof Louise Baur The Children's Hospital at Westmead, Sydney; University of Sydney
Dr Colin Bell WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific,Philippines
Dr Leah Brennan Monash University
Dr Tracy Burrows University of Newcastle
A/Prof Susan Byrne University of Western Australia
A/Prof Karen Campbell Deakin University
Dr Michele Campbell  Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Melbourne 
Dr Alison Carver Deakin University
Dr Dylan Cliff University of Wollongong
Prof Clare Collins University of Newcastle
Prof David Crawford Deakin University
Prof Lynne Daniels Queensland University of Technology
Prof Peter Davies University of Queensland
Dr Liz Davis University of Western Australia
Dr Elizabeth Denney-Wilson University of Technology, Sydney
A/Prof Michael Dibley University of Sydney
A/Prof Jim Dollman University of South Australia
Prof Vicki Flood University of Wollongong
A/Prof Sarah Garnett Division of Research, The Children's Hospital at Westmead
Ms Kay Gibbons Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne
A/Prof Lisa Gibbs The McCaughey Centre, University of Melbourne
Prof Billie Giles-Corti University of Western Australia
A/Prof Tim Gill University of Sydney
Dr Rebecca Golley University of South Australia
Dr Louise Hardy University of Sydney
Dr Gilly Hendrie CSIRO Animal Food and Health Sciences
Dr Kylie Hesketh Deakin University
Prof Andrew Hills Mater Medical Research Institute and Griffith Health Institute, Griffith University
Dr Trina Hinkley Deakin University
Dr Clare Hume Deakin University
A/Prof Rachel Huxley University of Sydney
Dr Rachel Jones University of Wollongong
Dr Amina Khambalia University of Sydney
Dr Kathleen Lacy Deakin University
Dr Julie Lawrence University of Otago
Dr Rachel Laws Deakin University
A/Prof Gary Leong University of Queensland
A/Prof David Lubans University of Newcastle
A/Prof Anthea Magarey Flinders University
Dr Kimberley Mallan Queensland University of Technology
A/Prof Sarah McNaughton Deakin University
Prof Philip Morgan University of Newcastle
Prof Kerin O'Dea University of South Australia
Prof Tony Okely University of Wollongong
Dr Melody Oliver Auckland University of Technology
Dr Anne-Maree Parrish University of Wollongong
Dr Alexia Pena University of Adelaide
Dr Rebecca Perry Flinders University
Prof Ron Plotnikoff University of Newcastle
Dr Anna Rangan University of Sydney
Dr Nicky Ridgers Deakin University
Prof Elaine Rush Auckland University of Technology
Dr Matthew Sabin Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne
Prof Jo Salmon Deakin University
A/Prof Andrea de Silva-Sanigorski University of Melbourne
A/Prof Sue Sayers Menzies Centre for Health Research, Darwin
Dr Sarah Shultz School of Sports and Exercise; Massey University, New Zealand
Dr Natalie Parletta University of South Australia
Dr Alison Spence Deakin University
A/Prof Nicola Spurrier Flinders University
Dr Rebecca Stanley University of South Australia
Prof Katharine Steinbeck University of Sydney
Prof Boyd Swinburn Deakin University
Prof Barry Taylor University of Otago, New Zealand
A/Prof Rachael Taylor University of Otago, New Zealand
A/Prof Anna Timperio Deakin University
Prof Stewart Trost University of Queensland
Prof Helen Truby Monash University
Dr Margarita Tsiros University of South Australia
Dr Jenny Veitch Deakin University
Prof Alison Venn Menzies Research Institute, University of Tasmania
Prof Melissa Wake Centre for Community Child Health, Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne
Prof Elizabeth Waters The McCaughey Centre, University of Melbourne
Dr Joanne Williams Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Melbourne
Dr Luke Wolfenden University of Newcastle
Dr Avigdor Zask NSW Health